Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sew Day Thursday

Today I made a yellow top.  I don't like it.
The fabric (from stash of course), while very cute, is not well suited to my age or shape.  Small floral print? What was I thinking?  The design is way too full - very smock-like, and I haven't worn a smock top since the 70s.  And I think I hemmed it too short.  All in all - fail. I wouldn't mind so much if it was just a fabric fail.  I'm using stash fabric and I'm happy to treat my first attempt at a pattern as a muslin (hopefully wearable).  But New Look 6868 will not work.  Not on me anyway.  (I must say that I feel very brave putting up such an unflattering photograph.)

However, I did have some wins today:  previously untried seam techniques.  I can hardly believe I have never sewn a french seam or a flat-felled seam before today.  They are too easy and they create a great finish.

I did french seams on the shoulder and side seams of the failed yellow top.
 And a flat-felled seam on my boxer shorts for the MPB sew along
So, my time at the sewing machine today was not a total waste.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do a muslin for the Sorbetto top, because Michelle has generously offered to part with some brown voile and I want to make sure I get it just right before I use such lovely fabric.


Hashi said...

Ah yes, this style of top does not suit our body type. I've learned that the hard way. I am going to be interested to see how Sorbetto looks on you, because I've been avoiding it for the same reason.

Nice job on the seams!

Michelle said...

I think the print it lovely! And I do like the top - you'll end up wearing it on the hottest of hot days and it will be so comfortable and nothing will be sticking to your skin. That's what I do with my unflattering tops.

I am loving your self-sewn challenge this week so much!

Oh - can't remember if I said, but the voile is plain chocolate brown. No prints, no age-inappropriateness (said she who is wearing a scottie dog top on the plane this afternoon!)

Rhonda said...

Sorry you don't like your top - I guess till you get your core group of sewing patterns that you love you'll sew things you don't like. Too bad you can't frog a sewn item. I'm really enjoying watching your week online. Feel like a movie this weekend?

Jejune said...

Maybe it would be a good sleeping top? Lovely sewing, though, even though it's not the perfect pattern for you :)