Sunday, 29 March 2009

The postman cometh

Some time last year I met a few knitters for the first time at a lunch in Canberra organised by Jejune, as PomPom was in town and, well, what better excuse for a knitting lunch. We had a few laughs, all of us, we knitted at the table in the restaurant, we had someone take a group photograph. I wasn't sure that I'd get to meet PomPom again, but through the wonders of blogland and Ravelry, I could add her to my list of knitters whose work I admire and continue to read about.

Lo and behold, a Ravelry swap had us 'twinned'. I was putting together a parcel of goodies for PomPom at the same time as she was for me, unbeknown to each of us. Until the postie came and all was revealed...

Lovely sock yarn (purple and bush colours),
fabric with little balls of yarn - perfect for a project bag,
Koolaid (yay, my first - purple of course), a knitterly card by Jejune (just like the one I sent PomPom!), and...a beautiful purple hat, knitted for me by my swap partner. Thank you, PomPom! Sets off my greying locks nicely, don't you think?

Is it too warm in Arizona at this time of year to wear woolly hats?

Earth Hour 2009

Monday, 23 March 2009

Just an update

I blogged a few days ago about some work in progress. Here's an update.
Compared with some other fabulously productive Canberra-and-district knitters, my offerings to the Blankets of Friendship thus far are fairly meagre. But it is in lovely Bendi machine washable wool. And every square counts, right? At any rate, it's an ongoing project and the knitting of squares does not stop here.

The knitting of squares has, however, been interrupted recently by the need to complete a swap article. This is for a Ravelry favourite colours swap, and I really hope my secret swap partner not only likes it but uses it for its intended purpose. It's knit in SWTC bamboo which is lovely and soft in the ball, but surprisingly harsh knitted up in this stitch. Still, it's a market bag, after all, meant for a bit of rough handling, no? I do like the look of it, and may yet knit another, and another.
So what's next on the needles? Well, there is a certain item for a certain person that cannot yet be disclosed (no, sister, it's not for you). Let's just say that it's looooong and vibrant.
And there is some serious thought being given to the ideal project to take on a road trip around Arizona in two weeks. Should it be a small, easily portable item? Maybe some socks for a certain nagging person? (what's that , sister? you think it might just be you this time?) Yes, maybe that's a good idea. Ahh, which sock yarn to choose... Don't you just love these sorts of decisions?

Sunday, 22 March 2009


Just one more, firstly because it makes me laugh, and secondly, because I really did find me on the net.

Luckily, Nettie had gotten there a few minutes before me.

Luckily Nettie
was on duty…

Luckily, Nettie is always ready to welcome them into her Mistletoe Manor for some rest and relaxation.

Luckily Nettie
also gave me some DVD's to watch and you know how well knitting and Pride and Prejudice go together (the Colin Firth version, of course). (hey, that really is me!!)

Luckily nettie had spare shoes!!

Luckily, Nettie had her super-high-tech GPS-radar-laser-force-field-wrist-band to tell us how far we were going.

Luckily Nettie helped me pack, she's very clothing conscious.

Luckily, Nettie had kept back a container of lemon bars 'cause when the Feds came, they sure did need some sweetening.

Friday, 20 March 2009


Others are doing it. I thought I would too. Just use the Great G search engine to do it for your name too. It's pretty funny.

Unfortunately, Nettie’s story is not a unique one.

Unfortunately, Nettie fails to mention that Jaunty's Deadside incarnation is that of a snake with a skull for a head donning a tophat ...

Unfortunately, Nettie was sold when my trainer thought I should move to a medium pony.

Unfortunately, Nettie as a narrator does not allow the voices of these women to speak through her.

Unfortunately, Nettie soon discovered the joy of men and left the young stable hand for a life of frivolity and debauchery.

Unfortunately Nettie did not realise the necessity of keeping this stunning news a secret.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sad then happy

OK , so I might have more or less recovered from the shock of discovery of m...m...moth damage. Here's the awful evidence.

But, you know, it's not irretrievable. Setting aside the fact that I don't actually have enough of the same dyelot to complete my Eyelet Cardi, this damage is actually close to the bottom of a top-down knit. Just unravel a dozen or so rows, join in some nice fresh non-moth-vandalised yarn and knit away. Yes, it's possible. Will I do it? Yes, it's possible too. It will require several deep breaths and an act of faith to think that I actually have enough yarn to complete the project, but it is doable. Hmm, I'll think on it a little longer.

On a much brighter note, look at what I bought from Kathy's Fibres. Now where is that spinning wheel?
Gotta go. Lost in Austen is about to start.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Where's the knitting?

Most of my knitting over the past month has been for the Blankets of Friendship for the victims of the Victorian bushfires. Here's the latest square in progress, using mainly machine washable Bendi from the stash, with some stripes of donated yarn from the generous people of Canberra.

The rest of my knitting life is full of WIPs. Here are just a few.

This is Ilene (rav link). This one is a real live WIP. It's for a secret swap partner. More later.

This next one may not be classable as a WIP because I don't know if I'm ever going to finish. I present a lone Retro Rib Sock (Rav again) from Interweave's Favourite Socks. It's long, it's done on fine needles (which I have cleverly returned to the needle drawer and now have to guess the size if I ever want to do its mate), it's done on stash yarn from some op shop or other (can't remember), and it's a pretty easy pattern. But I botched it - not badly, but just so much as to not really be happy with it. So I will call this an almost dead WIP.
Next I present the lovely Peapod Jacket in Heirloom Breeze. This cute as a button cardi was started shortly before we even knew about ma minette, and she is now 19 months old and way too big for it now anyway. This can be a languishing WIP - destined for another baby (or possibly the frog pile).
And my lovely Chic Knits top down Eyelet Cardi. I love this, but would love it more if I finished it. I started it maybe a year ago, but it languishes too. You see, I almost ran out of purple Zara and now I'm too nervous to do any more. I hunted high and low for the same dyelot, and ended up buying a few more balls in the same colour but a different dyelot. I know, I know, I should just bite the bullet and knit. Maybe the colour difference won't be too great, but it's a bit tricky to hide in an all-in-one knitted piece. I'm at the sleeves, which are picked up live from the bodice and knit in the round, making it a bit difficult to use the old trick of two rows one shade, two rows another, etc. So if anyone has any ...
STOP THE PRESSES. Just ducked out to check the ball band. sniffle. Seems the moths have decided this little number has been sitting around too long. sniffle. Too upset to photograph the evidence.
No longer a WIP. Too cross to write more.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Happiness is...


What better way to spend a birthday weekend, than at the beach, with people you love.