Wednesday, 5 October 2011

No Sew Day Wednesday

 No sewing today - but I did have a good excuse.  I could not resist the call of a (partly) sunny, warm Spring day, so Carrie and I took off to Floriade.  Blooms, devonshire tea, giant fish, victory garden, chilli tastings, more blooms, lunch then home.
After a lovely morning, the afternoon challenge was to work on my recent Freecyle find - a Toyota KS 787 knitting machine.  Carrie was feeling very positive about the challenge and even brought over some knitting projects to finish off once we got the thing working.  Armed with instruction booklet, a couple of dozen bits and pieces and a refreshing glass of water each, we sat in the sunshine and tackled this little monster. First go - great!  It seemed to work.  Sort of.  For two rows.  Try as we might, even dashing inside intermittently to check various you tube videos, we could not replicate our first attempt.  Eventually, we gave up, made a pot of tea and took out our crochet instead.  However, I have since found a better manual online, I did order a missing piece from ebay, I plan to watch every online video I can find and This Little Monster will sit on my coffee table until I master it.

In sewing news, I will be gathering up all the already-cut pieces for my yellow top and cutting out one pair of boxers tonight.  Ready for a double dose of sewing tomorrow.


Michelle said...

Ah - it's good to have a no-sew day! And flowers and knitting machines more than make up for it.

Are you back at work next week? Will drop the brown voile off to you then. Am only at work Tues and Wed.

nettie said...

Yes, back at work next week. Yay for Sorbetto!!

Hashi said...

I am glad you had some Floriade weather. Can't wait to see tomorrow's output! I love that you are posting frequently this week.

Michelle said...

Nettie - shall email you at work.

Hashi - I agree! So nice to see Nettie posting more often! I love seeing creative people in action.