Friday, 7 October 2011

Sew Day Friday

It's the last day of the sewing week. And although I promised a Sorbetto muslin, this is all I have...
 Where did the day go?

I spent much of it obsessing about the detail in the MPB boxers sew-along. Today was bias day.  I've made my own bias before, but this time it had to overlap and then become a flat-felled seam lookalike.  I also discovered the bar tack stitch on my machine.  It's a bit wonky, but the other side will be better.
I'm still crazy about the flat-felled seam.  But my question is:  when they meet like this (below), should they be offset or matching?  I think offset is preferable as it gives less bulk, but does it look odd?  Granted, this is the crotch seam and I'm showing the wrong side, so you may think it doesn't matter, but this is an exercise in perfecting techniques, not necessarily in whipping up a wearable garment (of course, I want that too).  So... offset or matching?

Although this was not the productive sewing day I had planned it to be, I did manage to fit in a long walk with Lily, a hair cut and some chores.

I have really enjoyed my week at home sewing.  By proclaiming my self-imposed challenges, I felt committed to try my darndest to finish off an item a day.  Even if I didn't completely meet my goals, I certainly learnt some things of value:
  • Sharp scissors are the bomb.
  • Consider the appopriate machine needle for the job.  I started each day with a new needle - a bit of overkill perhaps, but it made me think carefully about the right needle for the fabric.
  • Press, press, press.
  • I can do flat-felled seams (I might have mentioned that already).
  • When doing french seams, trim the first seam allowance of stray threads or fraying bits, so they don't poke through the second seam.
  • Measure, measure, measure.
  • Days can pass very quickly.  Too quickly.
Thanks for reading along.  I'll continue to post my sewing exploits, and will welcome your opinions of Sorbetto when she's done.


Michelle said...

Wow! You're learnIng some wonderful techniques! I would personally go for the offset seam- it doesn't look at all odd to me but then again I'm a wonky kind of girl...

Hashi said...

I would ask Peter about the offset vs aligned seams. I am sure he will have an opinion!

You did a nice job stitching in the ditch.