Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Just practising

Dressember, anyone? I’m not usually one to participate in the likes of Me Made May or Self Sewn September where every day for a month you wear an item that matches the theme (both of those examples are clearly for self made items of apparel), but I’ve decided to take a related plunge and participate in Dressember – with a twist.

Not having many clothes (no, really, I don’t) and being a fan of limited consumerism, I have long held an admiration for The Brown Dress Project, where Alex Martin of Seattle wore the same little brown dress every day for an entire year, as part of a performance art project and a statement against comsumption.

For the past couple of summers, I’ve tried to do my own Summer of Skirts, with varying degrees of success. But this year, for the month of December I am going to wear a dress every day (there’s 31 of those) but the twist is that I am going to wear the same dress every working day (there’s 15 of those). It’s a simple soft denim shift (Trenery from Material Pleasures) with a lovely exposed brass zip down the back that I can complement with cardies, shoes and belts. And just to practise, yesterday I wore this every-working-day-in-December dress to work.
Other dresses will be weekend dresses, beach dresses (for my couple of days at the beach) and a xmas dress or two. I am going to wear only:
  • dresses I already have in my meagre wardrobe (a week ago there were only two of those),
  • dresses I buy second hand (I now have five of those – from Vinnies, Material Pleasures and last weekend’s Vintage Frock Fair) and 
  • dresses that I make (I have, er, one on the go, but plans for a couple more throughout the month).
 See… plenty of dresses…
Can I do it? I think so. But wish me luck, anyway.