Friday, 28 May 2010

"Precious knitting time"

Recently, on Rav, someone posted a question about why one would spend "precious knitting time" on knitting wash cloths. Many views were posted for (quick gratifying project, portable, practise new stitch patterns, nice gift, handy little product) and against (a bit yucky, socks are just as portable, you can practice patterns on other items). But apart from the cloth discussion, this concept of "precious knitting time" sort of rankled with me, and I wasn't quite sure why.

My knitting time isn't so precious. Sure I love it, but I'm not racing to get something done, I don't have limits on my knitting time (well apart from tiredness limiting my evening knitting time, and mortality limiting my lifetime knitting time). I'm not in a rush to get anywhere. Any moment stolen to do a bit of knitting is pleasureable. And I have a lifetime of knitting time stretching out ahead of me - albeit finite, I know.
I rarely knit to a deadline and if I do impose a challenge upon myself, I rarely meet it (happily there are occasional exceptions - can I say it again: monogamous knitting!). I have many projects on the needles at any one time, and I'll happily knit away at the same project over many weeks or months. My friends will ask "is that the second sock?" when I'm still in the first, or comment "you've been knitting that blankie for ages". Yes, my friends, you know who you are ;)
So I wondered if this concept of "precious knitting time" comes back to that age-old question: are you a process or a product knitter?
I know what I am. What are you?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

In the pink

Ma minette thought it would be a good idea if I knitted her a new winter hat in mmmmalabrigo from my stash. This two year old knows luxury yarn when she feels it. Button Tab Knit Hat in Malabrigo merino worsted in damask rose colourway. Buttons from stash (a gift long ago from my favourite sister).

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Winter cardi

Way back in February, some of the Canberra Ravellers decided on a Cardigan for Winter knit-along. Being February and all, some of us chose the February Lady Sweater. Now, it is a long, long time since I have knitted an actual garment for myself - probably since those awful jumbo quick knits of the 80s. However, monogamous knitting (mostly) through March gave me a great start, but then she languished, while I was distracted by gift knitting. Just days ago, I challenged myself to finishing my Cardigan for Winter before the first day of winter. And I did.
February Lady Sweater in Cascade 220 Heathers (from stash) on 5mm needles and three lovely pearly buttons (also from stash). I've been wearing her all day. I think I love her.
In other knitting news, I recently finished and gifted to the lovely Beth these Blackrose wristlets in Shibui sock yarn that I bought on my last trip to the States. I think I'll make some of these for me too.
And a little surprisingly, I've been re-learning crochet after many years absence. Requires way more concentration than knitting!
Before winter well and truly hits us, I escaped to the Central Coast last weekend to spend time with several of my favourite people. While the water wasn't too cold, I hadn't expected to actually be required to be in the water, so didn't take my cossie. But what two and half year old doesn't want a swim at the beach - whatever the temperature.

Lucky I had a change of clothes.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled knitting...

After having my world turned upside down by the early arrival of a little person in our lives, it seems somewhat trite to talk about knitting. But even in my anxious state over a few days in April, I had to chuckle when my knitting friends commented that he dared to arrive before I had finished the border of his baby blanket! Nettie's Knits is sure to showcase photos of our little Bear in due course, but he is still so tiny and so precious and his presence constantly reminds me of what's important in life. My blog isn't the right place for him at the moment.
In the meantime, I did indeed finish his blankie. It's the Pinwheel Blanket in lovely soft Zauberball. A bit too fluffy for a swaddling blanket, but perfect for his pram.In other knitting news, I overcame my first very serious case of Second Sock Syndrome and finally finished my Retro Rib socks. Well, I though that I had finished them. What? A dropped stitch? Right at the toe? How can that happen?? Any sock knitter knows that we carefully ensure that there are equal numbers of stitches on each side leading up to a very neat kitchener stitch finish. So how I could possibly have an uneven number of stitches, one of which is magically dropped at the last minute, is beyond me.Luckily I'm skilled at tinking back and they are fixed and they are lovely. It's an unknown yarn that I picked up somewhere or other - I think an op shop. I suspect it is something like a special Bendi yarn that they make for school jumpers. It's soft yet tough and they are great socks. Now I only have about another 12 skeins of the stuff to get through.And to continue with the unintentional retro rib theme, this is a Retro Rib hand towel, made with self-striping Anchor Magicline, gifted to me in a swap, and finished off with a lovely vintage casein button from my ample button stash. It's cute and it hangs in my laundry. But I'm not really all that impressed with the absorbency of the Magicline cotton. Maybe it will improve after a few washes. And just to remind me on how much I think birthdays are really OK, my fab brother and his gorgeous girl sent me this as a really wild belated birthday present (with a couple of pages strategically bookmarked). Yes, it's signed and everything!!

Off to do some knitting planning now.