Thursday, 28 February 2008

Still learning... bear with me if this doesn't look as professional as it might.

Some birthday celebrations - what could be better than fish and chips at the coast.

Some lovely pressies...a knitting bag and some stitch markers in a cute little knit-y box, from my favourite sister.

That little octopus on the left? It's a wrist pincushion. It'll come in very handy when I start using my brand. new. Pfaff. mmmmm.

And a lovely 'hottie' from Rhonda.

And Jamie's latest from Daughter2.

All in all, a lovely birthday. Pity about the getting older part.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

In the beginning

So...on the cusp of yet another birthday, there has been enough procrastination, enough dilly-dallying, enough indecision about what to post. Here is the blog. It may bore some, it may amuse others, but it is primarily to allow me to document some of the things that I do. Let's see how it goes.