Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bargain Saturday on a Sunday

Am I the only person around here who didn't know about Revolve's 'best bits' at Pialligo? Some people apparently knew long ago, but I didn't spy it until today...browsing at Bison, saw the shopfront, wandered in, and came out with just a few goodies.
Some lovely little bowls and etched glasses...all for a mere coupla dollars a set.
But then I spied this...a ricketty spinning wheel for $20, complete with big bag of fleece. How could I not bring it home?Didn't know I was a spinner? Well, I'm not really. Although I have had a bit of a practice.
Yes, I do have a perfectly good spinning wheel, and another one out on loan, but I saw this one that needed saving, and I remembered Bells' post about acquiring a fleece, and there's been a bit of talk about spinning by the Canberra Crew on Ravelry lately, and it was only $20 for the lot, and the lady in the shop helped me out to my car with my bargains. Well, I couldn't really help it, could I?

So, as I am unlikely to be jumping into the washing and carding and spinning right this minute, any hints on how I should store this lovely lot of very greasy fleece? I take comfort in Bells' story that her newly-acquired fleece fell of that truck about 20 years ago. This stuff doesn't go off, does it?

And just in case anyone was wondering if any knitting goes on at Chez Nettie, well, there's this very sweet EZ Maltese Fisherman's Hat, finished and much, much too small for ma minette.
Did someone just murmur 'gauge'? Hmph.

Friday, 20 June 2008

One Hot Summer

One Hot Summer is the name of my apron, made for me by Michelle as part of the Sassy Apron Swap. How did she know that I am a big fan of red hot chillis? Ralph is just checking it out the gorgeous apron and matching chilli tea towel.

Go visit Michelle and see what other gorgeous things she makes. Thanks, Michelle! And thanks to Lucy for organising the swap.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Aren't they sweet?

Knee-highs for a little cutie. She'll be very snug and cosy in 70% suri alpaca, 20% wool, 10% silk, hand-dyed in soft summer colourway from Becreatif Alpacas at Mogo. Knitted on my Knit Picks 2.5mm dpns.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Found: a little bit of mojo

I think it's coming back. Bit by bit. My mojo, that is. Well, if you can really call it that. Anyway, the knitting needles are back in use AND the sewing machine has been dusted off.

First, a car trip (as a passenger - now that doesn't happen too often) on a holiday Monday (gotta love the Queen for something) seemed the perfect time to pick up the needles again. Waiting for Daughter2 to pick me up, knitting at the ready...
Three and a half hours up the road, some knitting had been done.It's lovely soft baby alpaca, and it's almost turned into a pair of knee high socks to keep ma minette's tootsies warm in winter.

And over that same long weekend, I finished my summer-themed apron for the apron swap (it's summer, somewhere, right?). I get lots of beautiful dragonflies on my dam in summer, so I chose this bright and cheery fabric from my stash.
The swap rules called for some embellishment, so I chose some lovely soft cotton ric rac, and two cute little flower buttons, originally a gift from my favourite sister.
I hope it makes my secret swap partner smile.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Reclusive and boring

Is this really a knitting blog? When was that last FO shown here? Ever? Or even the last UFO? Is there any crafting going on at all? Well…no.

I blame the new job – busy, challenging, exhausting, creeping-into-my-dreamtime… but funnily enough, all in a good way. The big, big downside is that I feel there is little time for anything else – friendships, relationships, knitting, sewing (ha!), and not much cooking either. And also not enough being pleasant and caring to people who really do love me. I’m feeling a bit reclusive and boring. My house is a mess, and I can’t even find my EZ Knitters Almanac to finish my little Maltese hat in gorgeous alpaca for ma minette. Evenings have turned into the time to scoff some soup, check my email and a blog or two, then try to calm my brain into a pre-sleep state.

So. How to turn this around? See friends more. Knit a little every night. Get up early and go for a walk – yes, even in the dark. Plan some sewing time for the weekend. And speak nicely. It can’t be so hard.