Monday, 13 August 2012

Tour spinning

Each year, during le Tour de France hundreds of spinners on Ravelry take up any of a number of spinning (wool, not legs) challenges, whilst enjoying views of the magnificent French countryside and watching the exhibitions of strength and endurance that is le Tour.

My first Tour de Fleece was 2011 when I watched our Cadel do us proud and I practiced and practiced my spinning night after night.    I took up the challenge again in 2012 and, yes, I do know that it is now some weeks since the lovely Bradley Wiggins won le Tour, but I have been somewhat remiss of late in posting my tales of fibre-related progress.  So, here is my parade of Tour de Fleece 2012.  I present them below in the order in which they were spun and, even if I do say so myself, I think that I can see progressive improvement in my spinning.

Merino from Southern Cross Fibre in Wave Rock colourway:

Merino from Southern Cross Fibre in Equinox colourway:

Corriedale from Southern Cross Fibre in Spinnaker colourway:

Corriedale from Southern Cross Fibre in Immortal colourway:

And the winners podium :)

A little heathen fibre did make its way into mon Tour.  It was my first attempt at spinning from a batt, and I have to say that I'm not very happy with my product.  It's a batt of blended merino and milk protein that I bought from Wooldancer at the Bendigo Wool and Sheep show a couple of years ago.  I will persevere with batts, because I can only get better, right?

And now, to knit the stuff!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lots of plain old knitting

In trying to get through my somewhat substantial sock yarn stash, I aim to have socks on the needles at all times, even if they are plain vanilla socks.  These lovelies are made in Lorna's Laces in denim stripes - bought at Purl Soho on my first wondrous visit to NYC many years ago.

More plain knitting:  the ubiquitous Colour Affection in Wollmeise purples and blues.  Lots and lots of garter stitch makes for great mindless knitting - of which I need a lot, just to soothe my brain after another day down the coal mine. (No, I don't literally work in a coal mine, but I'm sure you know the feeling.)  It's wide and drapey and perfect for wrapping around the shoulders or neck, dressed up or dressed down.  I love it.

And some real utilitarian knitting:  a watch cap for those outdoor workouts when it's cold and dark during this cold and frosty winter.

I spot a penchant for blue this winter!

Still to come:  Tour spinning and Olympic knitting.  Stay tuned.

The explorer

Woollen beanie?  Check. 
Explorer kit?  Check. 
Binoculars?  Check.
Tiara?  Check.

Off on a discovery walk in the bush.
Oh, to be five.