Monday, 24 October 2011

An occasional walk - Mount Mugga Mugga

It was warm on Saturday but I didn't let that deter me from another occasional exploration of Canberra's nature parks. Mount Mugga Mugga Woodland Reserve is described as an endangered yellow box gum grassy woodland frequented by kangaroos and supporting a wide variety of woodland birds.  We saw those, and more.
 We started off at the access point on Mugga Lane and spent most of our time walking through the grassy slopes - not quite venturing to the top of Mount Mugga Mugga as it looked to be quite heavily wooded (and steep!).  This was more the scenery I enjoyed (that's Mount Mugga Mugga in the background).
 Weeds are a problem in these easily accessible nature parks close to the city, especially in the grassland areas.

 On the lower rise, one can see the city and Mount Ainslie to the north.  Clearly I wasn't the first ever visitor, as I deduced from the clues of the cairn (in the foreground)...
 ...and the fact that Hoggo wanted us all to know that he had been there too. (I assume 'he'. Is that wrong of me?)
 On our way down the slopes, I had a lovely view over to the east, where the clouds were building up and threatening rain that never eventuated. 

We met a brown snake on the way back, but fortuntately I can leap very high and very fast when I need to. Miss Lily is always on the lead, so she had no option but to leap with me.

A warm Spring day, a long walk somewhere new and the excitement of kangaroo and snake spotting makes for thirsty work.


Michelle said...

Beautiful looking walk - except for the snake issue. I would have jumped too!

Hashi said...

I can just imagine you leaping with alacrity!

Olivia said...

Eek! I hope the snake was scared and slithered away quickly. Lovely photos of your walk.