Sunday, 30 March 2008

Reducing my footprint

I like to think of myself as an eco-visitor to this planet - not in a shout-it-all-about sort of way, but more in a sort of thinking-about-what-I'm-doing sort of way. And especially now I have the beginnings of a new generation in my family (the very kissable ma minette), I want this place to be a nice one, a sustainable one, for her, and her future sisters and brothers and cousins.

Being a girl of the 70s, I was a big fan of The Good Life - this dated and corny British comedy was, quite frankly, instrumental in developing my views on sustainable living. Yes, laugh if you must, but I also own a very substantial collection of Earth Garden magazine, dating back from those days.

So now, in this latter half of my life, I have a small place where I try to grow yummy food organically, my Henny Penny gives me one egg a day, I compost everything I can, I eschew the use of plastic bags, and thrift store bargains give me a real thrill. The old call to 'reduce, re-use, recycle' can all sound a little cliched, I know, but hell's bells, I have to try.

Many scoff at the futility of small steps, small changes, small fixes to our lives. But I just want to feel that I'm doing my bit, no matter how small.

I decided to recognise Earth Hour last night. First, I cooked up an early dinner - Eggplant Manicotti, yum, yum - then I ran around and turned off every single light and every single power point. I lit every candle I own, and a luscious rose from Lambert Vineyards helped us pass a pleasant evening in the dark.

Shall I jump off my soapbox now? OK.

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barbara said...

I'm glad to see somebody else did Earth Hour ... yours sounds awfully nice!DON'T jump off your soap box. I try not to lecture (except my kids) but I do worry about what we're doing to our home.