Saturday, 29 March 2008

Soothe me

Do you ever have one of those days at work when you just want to come home and knit? All the time? Yeah, me too. But this week it just got so bad that, for the first time, I said to my lovely, but equally frustrated, colleague... "I know this might sound a little dorky, but I wish I had my knitting here at work, right now. I think if I could just do ten minutes of knitting, I'd feel better." First time I've ever really needed to do it AT WORK. Shows what a bugger of a week it's been.

I read the blogs of other knitters who knit at work, but I've been a bit of a closet knitter, as far as talking about it at work goes. No longer. Along with my organic miso soup, my Madura tea and my tea grabber infuser thingy, I plan to stash a pair of socks-to-soothe-me-at-work in that second desk drawer.


rhonrhon said...

Socks are my most soothing knit too!

Bells said...

You know, that is SUCH a great idea. Work socks. I've got socks for just about every other need, what about work socks? Inspired Nettie!