Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Am I very bad?

I am dreaming about my autumn project, honest I am. I'm planning a cardi - maybe Sitcom Chic in a lovely purple Zara. I'm even doing swatches! But the weather has been so hot, and I really wanted some summery yarn (yes, rhonrhon, I know I already have plenty in my stash). But I really wanted some Peaches & Creme. Georgie talked about it recently. Kay and Ann use it. I wanted it. And somehow, it arrived.

Well, not really 'somehow'. Those lovely ladies over at The Wool Shack sent me some, once I had handed over a few dollars or so. Mmmmm, it's lovely.

It will cheer me up on a headache-y evening.

New yarn and a yummy Lazy Knitters Dinner will make me feel better.

Milk for protein, strawberries for vitamins, and chocolate for anti-oxidants. Chocolate? Maybe just a little bit of Green and Black organic, free-trade, orange-infused dark chocolate fell into the blender.


Bells said...

chocolate in a blender? Oh my....

Nettie, just a word of warning on the sitcom chic - the problems I had with gauge were because the pattern is in aran weight and zara, and the cotton I was trying to do it with, are both 8ply. You might have a bit of trouble. Depends on what sort of knitter you are - tight or loose?

nettie said...

Thanks for the tip, Bells. I'll see how I go. It's actually my first big project in a long, long time. The Zara is so lovely and soft, isn't it. I'd really like to make it work.

rhonrhon said...

Can't wait to see the Peaches and Cream in person - looks great in the photo. I'm trying to knit with Bendigo Classic right now and it feels so hot I'm thinking about putting it down till the weather cools a bit, so, I'm all for the cotton knitting.
Strawberries dipped in chocolate - yummy!