Monday, 10 March 2008

Gotta love a long weekend

I wanted to make the most of my long weekend, so I spent some time in the garden, both working and admiring. This is the working part.


Well ... it will look much better when I fill the empty bits with lovely lavender.

This is the admiring part. Ahhh.

Drinking tea and looking at my sunflowers is a lovely way to spend a morning.

I also had a late visit to the Lifeline Bookfair. I had to be prepared for slim pickings on Sunday morning, but still managed to come home with more than 20 novels, some beginner French texts (to supplement my French lessons), 17 Topkids magazines, and a very few knitting patterns, including this beauty. What were they thinking? Or is it only me who thinks this looks a little risque?


Bells said...

oh that's so amazingly risque! I love it!

Good work on the garden Nettie.

Hashi said...

Ooh la la! Blow my recorder, bébé!

Which part of the garden is that?

nettie said...

Beside the tank. It's going to be my lavender patch. Note the intent supervision by Lily and an out-of-shot Ralph.