Saturday, 15 March 2008

Bargains on a Saturday

Who'd have thought that, instead of lolling about on a Saturday morning, if you actually get out and about, there's a whole world of Saturday bargains out there. I went out to get the paper, and decided to stop for brekky too - eggs and coffee at Idelic (I love to pretend that I am a little bit cosmopolitan). Then I just had to drop into the Y on the way back to the car. Gathered up some gorgeous chenille (in the form of a dressing gown, but not for long), three embroidered pillow cases, some lovely blue linen with butterflies, and a piece of grey corduroy. All for $10?! What will I do with these lovelies, you ask? Stick them in the stash, of course.
Then on the way home, I had to do a quick round-the-block again, when I saw that the Ukrainians were having a garage sale at their community hall. Two gorgeous NEW terracotta pots, for a mere $10 each (foot in picture for size comparison purposes).
A cute baby bath ($2) with a genuine 50s bunny transfer ... will make a great little paddle pool for ma minette, The Gorgeous One, when she comes to visit.
And finally, a post hole digger for a mere $5 - very useful for the garden, but not really worth a photo.
Oh, and despite the appallingly hot weather, there has been some knitting. Finally...finished Earl Grey Socks, which would show up the tiny cables down the side, if only I hadn't used self-striping yarn. Never mind, I know they're there.


Bells said...

oh what a shame the cables are lost in the self striping. It does happen, sadly.

Great bargains too!

rhonrhon said...

Nettie - I like the look of your socks even if you can't see the cables from the photo. They look like optical illusion socks! Hey, good score at the op shop, again! Rhonda

Hashi said...

You got some fabulous bargains. Especially the pots!