Monday, 7 April 2008

Knitting at Nettie's

On Sunday, four lovely friends came over for a Ladies Lunch, where there was much eating, talking, laughing, and some knitting.

Firstly, we were on a mission for buttons. Rhonrhon has been in a dilemma over the correct button choice for the gorgeous cardi she knitted for her friend (and when I say gorgeous, I do mean gorgeous - it's soft and drapey and squishy). She brought over her button options...we tried a few from my collection...we hummed and hahhed. I think that, with our combined wisdom, we advised well. This image does not show the final selection, so you might have to wait till she shows you.
Then we sat outside in the glorious Canberra autumn sun, and ate lunch and talked about books. I baked a Hummingbird Cake for the birthday girl. I think she liked it.
My birthday gift to her was a handmade shopping bag. Sounds ordinary? It's not really. It's rather nice, if I do say so myself. (The one on the left is Rhonda's.)
I followed this tutorial that I arrived at via Hashi's blog.

And, while it was a Knitting at Nettie's day, some knitting was done, but no photos were taken.
And, while I'm talking about birthdays, Happy Birthday to my favourite sister. Love you.

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Bells said...

Oh I can see already those buttons look great.

I've never made a hummingbird cake. I really think I must!

Lovely bag!