Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sad then happy

OK , so I might have more or less recovered from the shock of discovery of m...m...moth damage. Here's the awful evidence.

But, you know, it's not irretrievable. Setting aside the fact that I don't actually have enough of the same dyelot to complete my Eyelet Cardi, this damage is actually close to the bottom of a top-down knit. Just unravel a dozen or so rows, join in some nice fresh non-moth-vandalised yarn and knit away. Yes, it's possible. Will I do it? Yes, it's possible too. It will require several deep breaths and an act of faith to think that I actually have enough yarn to complete the project, but it is doable. Hmm, I'll think on it a little longer.

On a much brighter note, look at what I bought from Kathy's Fibres. Now where is that spinning wheel?
Gotta go. Lost in Austen is about to start.


Trudi said...

Crap! Forgot about Lost in Austen. Oh well, am sure it will be repeated at some stage.

Bells said...

good idea to take a deep breath and take some time. I find that works!