Monday, 23 March 2009

Just an update

I blogged a few days ago about some work in progress. Here's an update.
Compared with some other fabulously productive Canberra-and-district knitters, my offerings to the Blankets of Friendship thus far are fairly meagre. But it is in lovely Bendi machine washable wool. And every square counts, right? At any rate, it's an ongoing project and the knitting of squares does not stop here.

The knitting of squares has, however, been interrupted recently by the need to complete a swap article. This is for a Ravelry favourite colours swap, and I really hope my secret swap partner not only likes it but uses it for its intended purpose. It's knit in SWTC bamboo which is lovely and soft in the ball, but surprisingly harsh knitted up in this stitch. Still, it's a market bag, after all, meant for a bit of rough handling, no? I do like the look of it, and may yet knit another, and another.
So what's next on the needles? Well, there is a certain item for a certain person that cannot yet be disclosed (no, sister, it's not for you). Let's just say that it's looooong and vibrant.
And there is some serious thought being given to the ideal project to take on a road trip around Arizona in two weeks. Should it be a small, easily portable item? Maybe some socks for a certain nagging person? (what's that , sister? you think it might just be you this time?) Yes, maybe that's a good idea. Ahh, which sock yarn to choose... Don't you just love these sorts of decisions?