Sunday, 22 March 2009


Just one more, firstly because it makes me laugh, and secondly, because I really did find me on the net.

Luckily, Nettie had gotten there a few minutes before me.

Luckily Nettie
was on duty…

Luckily, Nettie is always ready to welcome them into her Mistletoe Manor for some rest and relaxation.

Luckily Nettie
also gave me some DVD's to watch and you know how well knitting and Pride and Prejudice go together (the Colin Firth version, of course). (hey, that really is me!!)

Luckily nettie had spare shoes!!

Luckily, Nettie had her super-high-tech GPS-radar-laser-force-field-wrist-band to tell us how far we were going.

Luckily Nettie helped me pack, she's very clothing conscious.

Luckily, Nettie had kept back a container of lemon bars 'cause when the Feds came, they sure did need some sweetening.

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Hashi said...

Ah yes, very clothing conscious, that's my Nettie.