Sunday, 29 March 2009

The postman cometh

Some time last year I met a few knitters for the first time at a lunch in Canberra organised by Jejune, as PomPom was in town and, well, what better excuse for a knitting lunch. We had a few laughs, all of us, we knitted at the table in the restaurant, we had someone take a group photograph. I wasn't sure that I'd get to meet PomPom again, but through the wonders of blogland and Ravelry, I could add her to my list of knitters whose work I admire and continue to read about.

Lo and behold, a Ravelry swap had us 'twinned'. I was putting together a parcel of goodies for PomPom at the same time as she was for me, unbeknown to each of us. Until the postie came and all was revealed...

Lovely sock yarn (purple and bush colours),
fabric with little balls of yarn - perfect for a project bag,
Koolaid (yay, my first - purple of course), a knitterly card by Jejune (just like the one I sent PomPom!), and...a beautiful purple hat, knitted for me by my swap partner. Thank you, PomPom! Sets off my greying locks nicely, don't you think?

Is it too warm in Arizona at this time of year to wear woolly hats?


SallyO said...

I'm SO glad you like everything. It's quite nerve-wracking doing swaps, isn't it? This is my first but I'm really glad we were paired because I think we 'fit' each other quite nicely!

Hashi said...

I think you should bring the hat just in case.