Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Travelling women

Can it really be two months since I last blogged? I guess that when your own daughter sends you an email reminding you that you haven’t posted in a while, then you’d better get a move on.

Things have been happening, including a trip to NYC to act as support crew for Daughter2 (aka Marathon Woman).

Here she is, waiting for the Staten Island ferry to transport her to the start line:
And here she is, 26.2 miles (42.2 kilometres) later in Central Park:
She ran the whole way! It was an amazing experience just being there for the New York City Marathon, even as a spectator. Almost makes me want to run one myself. I said almost.

It was kinda cool to be there at Halloween – there were little (and big) kids dressed up going to parades and parties and there were skeletons and vampires skating at the Rockefeller Center.

Of course, no trip to New York would be complete without a little yarn shopping. Knitty City, Habu and String gave up a few little goodies for me. (And I can’t believe I didn’t photograph my haul before cramming it into my stash cupboard.)

And no trip to the States would be complete without visiting my favourite sister and my favourite fabric store in LA .

In the few days we were there, we found time for another walk around the lovely parts of Los Angeles, this time to the gorgeous canals behind Venice Beach.
And on the homefront, there has been a little crafting, but I’ll save that for another post. Right now, it’s cup of tea time.


Michelle said...

She blogs! She lives! Love the photos, especially of your daughter before and after! How inspiring.

And is that newsprint fabric I spy in the second last photo? If so, !!!!!!

Hashi said...

At last, a post from Nettie! That's not ALL the fabric you know. What about the nutsack stuff?

Rhonda said...

What an achievement to run and finish the NY marathon - I'm impressed. And oo - show us your habu please!