Thursday, 17 September 2009

Sisters Day

Yes, in 1968, my sister and I were Irish Dancers. I'm not quite sure why, on the day this photo was taken, she (on the left) is resplendent in Irish Dancing costume and shoes, and I am not. Maybe I was getting a bit too old for it. Or maybe she was just better than I was and went in more competitions. She did win way more medals that I did.

Nowadays, we are no longer competitive. We are closer than we have ever been - even though we live so far apart. And so, a few years ago, we declared our very own Sisters Day. We picked a month that was about half way between our birthday months and xmas, and a date that was half way between our birth dates. We send each other something lovely on Sisters Day.

This year she sent me a delightful mix of the old and the new - knowing how much I would love both. Purple hand-crafted pot holders, wrapped in a vintage scarf, with a vintage card.

Well, not exactly a vintage gift card, but more a vintage card of hooks and eyes that cost 15c for size 1. How cool is that!
Happy Sisters Day to my favourite sister.


Melissa said...

What a wonderful idea!

Hashi said...

Did you notice that some of the fabrics were used on the purple duvet cover I made you, oh, fifteen years ago?

Hashi said...

P.S. I have to steal this picture for my blog.

Michelle said...

I love that you girls have Sisters Day. I always wanted a sister!

Bells said...

this is wonderful. And i love that photo!

I am contemplating suggesting to this my beloved sister!

Sister Four said...

You haven't blogged for over a month!