Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Canberra Crew

Recently, some of the Canberra knitters got together for a swap. It's a bit of a Ravelry thing - swapping. This time the fun (and the pressure) came from actually knowing my swap partner. Alison and I and several other knitters meet up weekly at lunch time to knit and drink coffee, and about once a month or so for an evening session, usually involving a glass of alcohol.
We got together one Friday night for a pot luck dinner and a few drinks to swap our parcels amongst friends. This is what I knitted for Alison in the Canberra Crew swap.
It's the Lace Ribbon Scarf by Veronika Avery, in Colinette Jitterbug purchased at Wild Fiber in Santa Monica last April, and supplemented with another skein (I was slightly stressed that one just wasn't quite enough) by Carrie. It's a lovely simple pattern to knit, and the Jitterbug blocked out beautifully.
(I haven't told Carrie yet, but I found another skein of the same colourway in my stash the other day!)
Pop over to Alison's blog to see the gorgeous scarf she made for me.


Hashi said...

Very lovely!

alison said...

I love it Nettie, I can't wait for winter so I can wear it