Saturday, 21 November 2009

Not knitting

I'm loving getting to know my sewing machine. I've had it for a year or more, but I've not really devoted the time to it that it deserves. I have a fabric stash that truly rivals my yarn stash, and still I buy more. And just on that point, I have a few lovelies to show you in more detail.

As my favourite sister reminded me, in my last post I didn't show the laminated nut sack fabric that we bought in LA. Both of the following are designs from the Kaffe Fasset Studio, and are very soft and drapey.
This next one with bright red cherries is a bit sturdier.
And, because Michelle asked about it, here is a closeup of the dictionary print fabric that I bought on that same shopping expedition. It has definitions of words like original, real, fresh and simple. I think it will make a good lining for project bags.
Back to the sewing machine. I whipped up some cute little pants for ma minette.
I have been doing a bit more sewing, and also a lot more thinking about sewing. I might even want to share that thinking with blogland, but I need to straighten up my own thoughts first. Stay tuned.


Hashi said...

Yay, more sewing!

Michelle said...

Sewing - it's an addiction, I tell ya! A lovely, lovely addiction!