Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Very proud

Very proud of another finished object... my first Pi shawl. It's only tiny, because it's for a tiny person, but it is lovely soft baby alpaca and it was very addictive knitting.Also proud of the fact that my very first BSJ appeared on national telly on the weekend. Daughter2 was interviewed about the Government's Grocery Watch initiative, and dressed ma minette in her BSJ for the camera.

Now, if only I could feel proud of my photography skills. There's a real knack to getting handknits in the right light, and I don't seem to have it.


Bells said...

fantastic! What are the dimensions? How small is it really? It looks huge.

You need to take a photo in day light, up close, so we can see the stitches!

But well done. It's beautiful.

Hashi said...

This looks really lovely.

Can I put in an order for a pair of socks for Christmas?