Sunday, 31 August 2008

The perfect stay-at-home weekend

I had big plans this weekend: Saturday in the garden (yes, I checked the weather forecast), and Sunday getting to know my sewing machine.

The plan for Saturday was to build a new vegie garden. It's still a work in progress, but it comes from stark beginnings.
There's a lot of lifting, shovelling, shooing away compost-eating puppy dogs, more shovelling, digging out awful plants and weeds that were in the way, more shovelling, lifting bricks used as useless edging, and some more shovelling involved in creating a new vegie patch. Sore muscles at the end of the day were soothed with a beer, a curry and Lars and the Real Girl.

Sunday: finished Tim Winton's Breath over breakfast, then cleared a space in the study/ storage room/ sewing room, and spent a lot of time gazing at my stash of fabric. I tackled a few little projects, but I'm most pleased with this.
Yes, bias binding. I could get hooked on making my own binding. I have a doovalacky to assist, and I really like it. I also cut out fabric for more adventurous projects that are in store for next weekend.

And to finish off a lovely at-home weekend? Dr Who, of course.


Hashi said...

I can never buy bias binding since I started making it.

But what was wrong with your old veggie garden?

kt mac said...

Hello there!

so I recieved a LOVELY apron today! Thank you so much. I will take some photos and post up soon.

And I love the colours and fabrics. Especially the Amy Butler fabric. What is the fabric on the other side? it's so lovely aswell.

Thankyou thankyou
Katie :)