Friday, 15 August 2008

Documentary entry

Not wanting to bore my few readers, I just thought I'd warn you that this post is merely to document in a bit more detail, with a couple of better piccies, my lovely Pi shawl. So you can move to another blog now if you really don't want to read more about it. Try this one, or this one or, for something different, this one.

My Pi is only about a metre in diameter - just big enough to keep ma minette cosy. I finished it off with the plain garter stitch neverending border - not really happy about the final tiny join, but I'll do better next time. Also next time, I'll do some regular 'yo, k2tog' rows to counter the plainness of it all.It really was a delight to knit.

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Bells said...

it's beautiful. Love the simplicity and the greyness! Sean looked over my shoulder and said, 'hey, that looks like my pi blanky!' Well done!

I fudged my final join, too. No idea what i was doing. It all comes out in the wash though, so to speak.