Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Some re-fashioning

Too long ago, way, way back in May last year, I visited my sister in the States (hello, Favourite Sister!). We had many lovely adventures, including visiting several of her favourite thrift stores and vintage stores in Los Angeles, and finding a fabulous vintage store in New York, (definitely-must-return-to-next-time) Cheap Jack's.

Much to my annoyance, I can't remember on which side of the country I found this little lovely. Perhaps Favourite Sister will remember. Pretty, isn't it? But it was never going to fit me.It is gorgeous cotton, just perfect for refashioning, with some ric rac to top the pockets, and some stash fabric for the reverse.

1 comment:

Hashi said...

Hey, this is wonderful! Did you get that dress at Aardvark, maybe? Where I bought my lime gree and white coat? I'm thinking you did. A great refashion, sister!