Sunday, 13 April 2008

Some knitting

Daughter2 would be the first to tell you that ma minette, The Gorgeous One, has seen very few hand-knitted items, mostly because I have a very bad, hard-to-shake dose of never-quite-finishing-anything-much-itis. I really don't want to count the number of UFOs I have in the cupboard for the wee one. I am attempting yet another project for her. This time it's the EZ baby surprise jacket. Rhonrhon has joined me in our own private knitalong, so that we might try to interpret it together, as we go. Knowing my friend as I do, she is bound to finish it long before I do. I am using Bendi 4ply baby wool, in the lovely Jnr Navy colourway, with an occasional stripe in Flame colourway. Let's see if ma minette gets to wear it this winter.

(In my defence, she was actually wearing a hand-knitted beanie before she was 24 hours old (Debbie Bliss cashmerino - perfect for wee ones). But she's seen very little in the hand-knitting dept in the eight months since then. Ahh, but didn't she look sweet.)


Sister Four said...

And I must add that she has been getting a lot of wear out of the brown, bunny eared beanie of late!

Emma said...

Very sweet, indeed!

Kirsty said...

Such a sweet photo.