Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day

A mid week holiday - don't you just love it. And in true fashion, it's going to be a hot one here - 37 degrees. So for all those people at barbies and at concerts today, I've got just one word to say to you: slip slop slap.

I sent a little Australia Day gift to my lovely brother and his even lovelier partner. Isn't it ludicrous?!!! What? You can't tell what it is?? It's the Ludicrous Tea Cosy, that's what it is.
Last birthday, these lovely people sent me Loani Prior's Really Wild Tea Cosies (signed by the author, no less) and thoughtfully bookmarked a couple of favourites, including this one, the Nana Delux. Soooo, I eventually took the hint, grabbed my crochet hook and came up with this beauty. It was just so very crazy that I shied away from sending it to them for xmas. But when the designer herself saw it on Rav and told me that she wanted to feature it on her website (it's not there yet, I just checked), I thought that maybe I should send it out into the world after all. I just hope it gives them a chuckle.
This Australia Day I'll be doing what any fun-loving fiberista would do - I'll be sitting in the shade of Jacqui's big old mulberry tree and spinning with my spinsistas. Oh, and there might just be a bit of Australia Day afternoon tea going on - I hear that banana and macadamia nut pie and lamingtons are on the menu.
How do you spend your Australia Day?


Michelle said...

Well so far I've spent a few hours in the garden mulching. Had a well deserved cold shower after! Now I'm baking a cake while watching the tennis on the tv. Later on there might be a little bbqing of various things although I was lobbying for dumplings for Australia day (mainly because the dumplings place has air con!!!)

Have a great day! Oh - love the cozy!

Hashi said...

What? There's a TEAPOT in there??

Congratulations on your imminent fame!

(ha, my verification word is 'winge' (sic). How Aussie!)

Anonymous said...

love that tea cosy! very cute. and i spent my day eating pavlova, knitting and chatting, and going to a concert at the opera house. for an unpatriotic grinch like myself, it was a great day!