Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Tuesday in LA

What a great day. Sister's birthday was full of things we both love to do. First there were presents. Who doesn't love a good present opening?

We went to the garden store and lugged home pots and bags of soil to transform these...

to this...
We attempted a bit of wardrobe refashion, but were too traumatised to photograph our efforts.

We worried if Dad would ever come home from his walk to the electrics store. (It's OK, he did. He only got a little bit lost.)

We baked ...

And ate and drank and reminisced and laughed.

Happy birthday to my favourite sister. So glad we could share it with you.

Posted by nettie at about 10pm on 7 April in LA.


Bells said...


Glad your dad made it home ok!

Michelle said...

Happy day!

I'll keep an eye on Hashi's blog to see what she makes with the book!