Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Tuesday in California

The last day of our desert road trip was spent in California. The day began well, with breakfast at our luxury accommodation. (If you're ever in the neighbourhood, please stay at Roughley Manor. Honestly, you'll thank me for the recommendation.)

A short drive took us to the breathtakingly wonderful Joshua Tree National Park. I can't begin to explain how a love for the desert has crept over me during the past few days. I started this trip thinking of the desert as a rough, dry, harsh and barren place. But, truly, the beauty is immense. I think I can begin to understand why people want to live here. It seems to necessitate a more sensitive response to one's environment. I'm doing a lousy job of explaining this, but I think that the desert makes one understand how to live with the climate and the landscape, rather than trying to impose oneself on it.

The contorted joshua trees held me in awe.
The desert dandelions brought smiles to our faces as they spread across the plain.
The teeny tiny wildflowers warned me to be careful of where I stepped.
And the rocks were tumbled and split into shapes that reminded us that this landscape was bigger than any of us.
We were all a little sad to leave the desert. I want to return soon.
Posted by nettie at 10.20pm on 14 April in LA.


Michelle said...

Just the name "Roughley Manor" makes me want to stay there! I've always wanted to drive through Joshua Tree National Park - one day we will do it!

Anonymous said...

I love the Joshua Trees! Would that I could grow some in my own backyard because I love the way they look. :)

Only just found you over here on Blogger, so I haven't been lurking or anything...

I hope you're having a fabulous trip!