Friday, 17 April 2009

Thursday in LA

Another sunny day in LA took us to Santa Monica for a little shopping. First stop was A Mano Yarn Center, where I spent a dollar or two.

But, it could have cost me more. When we arrived, the shop attendant was faffing about as she couldn't get the computer and till to work. Well, our Dad just happens to be a computer whiz (yes, even at 77). He offered to help, while sister and I browsed. She was so grateful that she boldly announced that we could have 30% discount on our purchases if Dad could get the computer working. Well, the pressure was on. Dad fiddled and fooled and quietly unplugged, replugged and rebooted her system, and lo and behold I got 30% discount on some Blue Sky Alpaca, some ShiBuiKnits sock yarn, some Wisdom Yarn Poems that looks a bit like Noro, oh and some Noro and some more Noro and some Wildfoote sock yarn and some Tofutsies. Yay for Dad. It's lucky that there were no hardware stores nearby, otherwise he would have been there, and not in the yarn store with us. Here's me, looking jubilant.

We drove on for lunch and a little browse at in one of my favourite US stores, where I might have spent a few more dollars.

Then we went on to the Getty Villa at Malibu, which is a delight of ancient Greek and Roman antiquities.

Ceiling roses modelled on those found in Pompeii

Feline water spout

Shadows on the marble floor

Oh, do I have to leave?
Posted by nettie at 7pm on 16 April LA time.

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Rhonda said...

Aren't Dad's great? Good thing you took him with you!
Looks like you have done so many wonderful things - I'm so glad it has all gone so well, but yes, you need to come home to us. What would we do without you??