Sunday, 8 June 2008

Reclusive and boring

Is this really a knitting blog? When was that last FO shown here? Ever? Or even the last UFO? Is there any crafting going on at all? Well…no.

I blame the new job – busy, challenging, exhausting, creeping-into-my-dreamtime… but funnily enough, all in a good way. The big, big downside is that I feel there is little time for anything else – friendships, relationships, knitting, sewing (ha!), and not much cooking either. And also not enough being pleasant and caring to people who really do love me. I’m feeling a bit reclusive and boring. My house is a mess, and I can’t even find my EZ Knitters Almanac to finish my little Maltese hat in gorgeous alpaca for ma minette. Evenings have turned into the time to scoff some soup, check my email and a blog or two, then try to calm my brain into a pre-sleep state.

So. How to turn this around? See friends more. Knit a little every night. Get up early and go for a walk – yes, even in the dark. Plan some sewing time for the weekend. And speak nicely. It can’t be so hard.


Rhonda said...

Hang in there darlin'. You just need to give yourself time to adjust to a new routine. I still love ya even when we dont't talk for a while - you know that!

Tui said...

Luv ya!
You rock and keep your head up.