Saturday, 14 June 2008

Found: a little bit of mojo

I think it's coming back. Bit by bit. My mojo, that is. Well, if you can really call it that. Anyway, the knitting needles are back in use AND the sewing machine has been dusted off.

First, a car trip (as a passenger - now that doesn't happen too often) on a holiday Monday (gotta love the Queen for something) seemed the perfect time to pick up the needles again. Waiting for Daughter2 to pick me up, knitting at the ready...
Three and a half hours up the road, some knitting had been done.It's lovely soft baby alpaca, and it's almost turned into a pair of knee high socks to keep ma minette's tootsies warm in winter.

And over that same long weekend, I finished my summer-themed apron for the apron swap (it's summer, somewhere, right?). I get lots of beautiful dragonflies on my dam in summer, so I chose this bright and cheery fabric from my stash.
The swap rules called for some embellishment, so I chose some lovely soft cotton ric rac, and two cute little flower buttons, originally a gift from my favourite sister.
I hope it makes my secret swap partner smile.


Hashi said...

You go girl! I wanted to ask you about the progress of your swappy apron, but didn't want to induce the guilts. LOVE those dragonflies! Did I really give you those buttons? When?

I called you a while ago but now I'm going to bed. Can we chat tomorrow??

nettie said...

Remember when you made my button tray and gave me a lovely collection of buttons to go in it? These were from then. Or maybe they came from the set of nesting boxes? Hmm, not sure which.

Good to chat! Sorry to keep you up ;)

Tui Cook said...

Oh I love the colours you used in the apron!! and the DRAGONFLIES!!! Wow really lovely!