Saturday, 14 December 2013

So proud

It's hard to describe the thrill of guiding ma minette's first foray into sewing.  At only six, she was so, so keen to try; so, so keen to do it herself 'I can do it, Nettie, let me do it'; and so, so happy with both the experience and the outcome.

We began our joint sewing venture with a secret xmas project for her mama.  She immediately wanted to move on to other, rather more complicated things.  'Let's make a shirt for Perko.'  mmm.

Given we were in gift-making mode, we started thinking of making soft toys for beloved little cousins. We asked Mr Google for images of monster softies. We pulled out some favourite soft toys for inspiration. Being six, the activity morphed into 'let's make a dolly for me'.

We talked about design and pattern making.

We talked about fabric and accoutrements.

I helped a little with some hand sewing of the button eyes, sewing the lingerie elastic mouth and fixing the woolly hair.  But she did the rest.  Her favourite part was the actual machine sewing.

She felt very pleased with herself.  I felt so proud of her.

I look forward to more sewing adventures with our little sewist-in-training.


Hashi said...

WowowowWOW! That is sooo fabulous! High fives to both of you! (Shirt for Perko, heheh)

Olivia said...

Fantastic results, and what a lovely experience for you both. The doll reminds me a bit of Neta Amir's work (

Denise said...

Wow, what a fantastic introduction, and great learning process, and FUN. I started sewing my own clothes when I was about 9, so it's never too young to make a start!