Sunday, 14 July 2013

And some beanies too

In my stash busting efforts, I am concentrating this year on using up my single skeins.  What better project than a beanie or two.  Beanies come in handy when little ones visit in these colder months and then want to play outside.  Or when the dog insists on a walk on a frosty morn.

Some are simple, but for others I am trying out some of the many patterns on Ravelry.

London beanie
Hurricane hat in wool that I spun myself
Hat fit for a boyfriend (or in this case, a wee cutie)
Simple beanie (which matches some mitts I  made for ma minette last year)
Felicity - this is my favourite hat, in lovely soft natural handspun wool
Odessa in soft alpaca
Classic WWII Watch Cap
It would appear that I've been rather productive over the past few months, looking back at all these projects!  To be honest, it's easy to knock over a beanie in a day or two.  And I do love to knit.

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Anonymous said...

I have sweat dripping down my face and neck right now ... those beanies are making me hot!
Seriously though, they are gorgeous!