Tuesday, 17 January 2012

An occasional walk - Goorooyarroo

Being on hols gives one the chance to make spur of the moment decisions on what to do for the morning.  My favourite sister and I had been up since 5-ish. We'd walked the dog, had breakfast, done the shopping for Friday's curry night and so, at 9.30 am, we decided to take a quick outing. 

Perusing my trusty Canberra Nature Parks map, we decided on Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve, out Gungahlin way.  No dogs allowed, so Ms Lily stayed at home to guard the curry ingredients.

Along with the adjacent Mulligans Flat Woodland Reserve, this is one of the largest Yellow Box - Red Gum Grassy Woodland stands in the region.  There are beautiful stands of the Yellow Box and Red Gum as well as fallen timber in parts, then gorgeous open grasslands.  The swathes of kangaroo grass are magnificent (if you like that sort of thing - and I do).
There are hills to climb (or, in our case, sort of partly climb) and pristine dams buzzing with dragonflies.
It turned into a warm morning once those storm clouds dissipated, and my sister and I returned to the car hot, thirsty and happy in each other's company.  (PS  I wish she would stay.)

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Michelle said...

That's so close to my side of town - I should head over there.

Have you ever walked up Mt Majura? Stunning walk, and there are dams to swim in if it gets too hot.

Hope you're having a lovely visit.