Friday, 23 December 2011

Currently 17

I'm on a short break from work, and I really, really want it to be the summer of skirts.  It feels like hols, doesn't it, when you can wear skirts and sandals.  Even though the weather man this morning told me it was currently 17 degrees, I resolutely stayed with the skirt, but put a jumper on.  Sheesh.  It's 3 days before xmas and summer hasn't come to town yet.

Apart from the aforementioned work on my new fabbo Toyota, I have the usual staycation plans for this time of year:
  • See a movie a day - yesterday it was The Ides of March - not bad - all about integrity, my favourite ethical value.  I went to the premium cinema.  Nice.
  • Read - I've just finished A Christmas Carol by Dickens (no, I hadn't actually read it before, have you?) and Bereft by Chris Womersley.  I can highly recommend both.  Bereft depicts a hot NSW summer (I wish), young man returned from the war, strange young girl in the bush, not quite knowing what is real.  Currently reading We need to talk about Kevin and Daphne du Maurier short horror stories.
  • Sew - I'm going to get the FBA on Sorbetto sorted once and for all.
  • Knit and watch Miranda series 1 on DVD
And there will be lots of time with loved ones and friends.  I do so like this time of year.  If only summer would come.


Michelle said...

Hooray for holidays! Mine start in 80 minutes!

I still need to give you the brown fabric for the Sorbetto - are you home the whole time? Sorry for being lax but work has been so busy during the day. I'm back on Dec 29 so can come over for a cuppa and delivery if it suits.

Michelle said...

PS I read Christmas Carol for the first time a few years ago and loved it. And it gave me a totally new perspective on Christmas and human spirit.

Anonymous said...

yes im not usually a fan of summer but when you take 3 weeks off work you want to be able to swim or go to the beach without shivering! im working my way through some tv shows, including spooks, and have a few movies on the list. i really enjoyed ideas of march, and moneyball is good in the same vein (but not political). books im reading a whole heap of jo nesbo crime novels, although someone mentioned edith wharton to me the other day and that got me thinking about the classics again! hope you have a relaxing break!