Saturday, 12 November 2011

An occasional walk - Oakey Hill

In an effort to shake off inexplicable emotional doldrums, I took Lily over to Lyons to walk up and around Oakey Hill Reserve. There are many tracks around the reserve, some in the shadow of the powerlines through the area.
This area was burnt out in the 2003 bushfires and my trusty map tells me that it is being rehabilitated with the original yellow box.  The native grasses are incredibly lush and beautiful.
 Lily kept a look out for snakes.  Well, I did, actually, and had to deter her from rushing off into the grass at every rustle.

 From the trig point at the top there is an amazing all-round view of Canberra and surrounds.
We walked through woodland, grassland and a lovely stand of she-oaks near the reservoir at the top, finishing up hot, thirsty, itchy-eyed and a bit sneezy.  But being outside on such a day sure did lift my mood.

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