Monday, 14 February 2011

Knitting for the North

My favourite and very talented sister lives in another hemisphere. Even though she lives somewhere where it's mild in winter and hot in summer, she still loves my handknitted socks. These are my latest for her: Dragonfly socks in Pagewood Farms yarn. I love those flashes of teal.

Also with a northern connection, ma minette and little Bear are taking a holiday with their mamas to meet their grandparents in the UK. I've made them matching earflap hats in a lovely cashmere blend bought at String on my last trip to NYC. Ma minette thought hers was pretty funny (I've since added a pom pom which makes it even funnier). But at least their ears will be warm.


Hashi said...

Nice to see that northern hemisphere yarn being knit up on the other side of the world :-)

drkknits said...

gorgeous socks and hat! mmm string cashmere, im still debating what to do with mine!