Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I'm lucky enough to work in the city, although I don't really get out much to enjoy it during the day. Today was a little different. I had an errand to run, then some lunch to buy. I wandered back through Garema Place, as I heard music and thought I'd track back to work that way. Why not?

Wait ... it can't be... yes, it was indeed James Morrison and band giving a free concert to the people of this city. Thanks to the Groovin' in the City events, public servants, mums with bubs, grey-bearded men with their cloth hats and walking frames and even a slightly crazed junkie, all got to enjoy an hour or more of fabulous jazz and beebop and funk, while sitting in the sun, or standing (and groovin') under the shade of those big old oak trees.

I've really got to get out more. What a great city.


Hashi said...

Wow! Lucky! Yep, I think we both need to get out more!

Michelle said...

Since I moved to the other side of town I have really missed the lunchtime concerts. I used to work in the building right above Garema Place, so we didn't even have to leave the office to enjoy the concerts!

However leaving the office is preferable. All this sunshine is good for vitamin D intake!

Rhonda said...

Nice! And such beautiful afternoons to be outside for lunch. Movie soon? What about the IFF?

Hashi said...

Saw your comment on Sew Mama Sew. We should compare notes so we don't duplicate gifts, oui?