Sunday, 5 July 2009

"A poor tradesman always blames his tools."

I remember my Dad saying this to me many times when I was young. Can't remember the contexts, but it has always stuck. Well, Dad, I respectfully beg to differ. A craftswoman just cannot work happily with less than ideal tools.

I like to knit with lovely yarn and beautifully smooth needles. I love to sew with my practically brand new Pfaff. I love it that I can find my pins in the wrist pin cushion that my favourite sister made me.
And this...? Who could work with this...? Yes, you know what it is. One of a sewist's most critical tools. Yours might even look a little bit like this.
Here is the new and improved version. Made by moi. It wasn't so difficult. Pull the old one off. Trace around it. Add some elastic and tape. Reassemble.


Bells said...

oh good work. Ironing board covers can be SO ugly and funtional. I think this is much improved!

knitting sprouts said...

Oh well done!

Hashi said...

Very nice! Very PINK!