Sunday, 26 July 2009

Opinions, please.

I've being doing a bit of sewing lately.

I set my mind to trying to sew a practical yet pretty needlecase - to hold sewing needles, not knitting needles. I have sewn a few versions, some fancy-schmancy, and some a bit plainer but just as practical.

I would really appreciate the views of a reader or two to let me know if I'm on the right track.

Oh, and a point of clarification: I am in no way competing with the fabulously talented etsy craftsters who sell their creations online. I am merely looking for gift ideas.

Let me present my first attempt: The Fancy-Schmancy Needlecase. This has a cover in genuine vintage Hong Kong satin from my mother's stash, with handmade felt on the inside, and a 1950s West German vintage button closure. My own reaction was along the lines of ... holey dooley that's a bit over the top for a needlecase! What do you think?
My second attempt was almost at the other end of the spectrum. The Plain Old Needlecase is still made using handmade felt inside, but with lovely fabric from a thrifted sheet for the cover. No closures on this one. I kinda like it.
Next came the Butterfly Needlecase. a little fancier with a ribbon to close.
And finally, because a good needlecase probably needs leaves inside, I present the much bulkier, but possibly more practical Butterfly Needlecase Number Two. (You can see why I'm not a seller - my marketing skills are up the creek.)
Well? What do you think? Is Fancy-Schmancy too much so? Will Plain Old do the trick? Or do we really need extra leaves inside to make a needlecase truly functional?
Care to comment? There might be a needlecase in it for you if you do.


Michelle said...

First of all ... I LOVE your handmade felt on the inside! No matter which version. It's something of you, much more than the sewing.

The first one is a complete wowser. I love it. I love complicated looking sewing tools and this one also smacks of class and luxury.

I love the other two as well! Don't ask me to pick a favourite!

I have made many needlebooks, and I find you actually do need more than one. I have a little bitty one for wool needles (just one sheet of flannel on the inside)and I keep this in my projects bag. I have another little bitty one for my applique projects, and a rather large one with multiple sheet for every single needles I've ever owned. It is not as portable, but still very useful.

So, no realy strong opinion, I'm afraid. And I've waffled on long enough. Go for all of them - they are all perfect as gifts (and to sell!)

Hashi said...

I think a button closure is more practical that a ribbon. Being able to use one hand just seems to make it more accessible. (And I think the purple ribbon is too wide for that size book, it's a bit out of proportion)

Like Michelle, I love the handmade felt inside, and agree that flannel could be used for the leaves. But there's something to be said for no leaves, and having multiple books for different purposes. I keep the majority of my needles their original packaging in a tin, with just three of four commonly used ones stuck into the edge of the quilt-tablecloth on my sewing table. Those few would be the ones I'd put in a needlecase.

I don't think the Fancy one is too schmancy, no. But do you have to be careful not to pierce the outer fabric when you put the needles in? That would be my concern.

Pixie said...

Your choice was perfect - I love it! It's got a special pocket in my main knitting bag. Thanks again, Nettie!

knitting sprouts said...

I agree with michelle and Hashi - I think the luscious one is stunning and you will probably get great pleasure in using it. I love your felt.

Jejune said...

They're all very beautiful!!

I agree with Hashi, a ribbon closure is probably too fiddly - my favourite needlecase (made by Michelle, with a squirrel on the front) just folds in half, no closure. I reckon it needs to be able to be opened with one hand ... but that said, I adore the silky Fancypants one, with the antique button!