Monday, 9 February 2009

Meet Gail

This Long Lacy Summer project has not been my favourite knitting. My preference for cooking is a step-by-step, written list of ingredients and a well-explained method. Translating this to knitting, I like my patterns to have every stitch clearly explained. I didn't quite get this with Gail. This is no criticism of the designer, but more a comment on my naivete with lace. Ravelry provides the evidence that many, more-experienced knitters have breezed through this pattern.

The result though, is a pretty and tiny shawl, which will probably be more suitable as a scarf. That is, if this summer ever ends.

Specs: knitted using 3 ply wool, hand-dyed and gifted to me in a Ravelry swap by Sarah on 4.5mm Knitpicks interchangeables.


Bells said...

Oh it's so pretty. I think the first lace project on lace weight yarn is always a trial. I think it's beautiful!

Hashi said...