Monday, 16 February 2009

Hip to be square

I can't begin to express the helplessness I have been feeling for the past week. I have my life, my home, my loved ones. Many Victorians do not.

There are lots of things I can do to help: donate $$ to the Red Cross, RSPCA or Wildlife Victoria; give blood; make lovely things to donate or raffle or auction; buy raffle tickets. Lots and lots of things - there are lists of ways to help all over Australian blogland.

Most people prefer to give help quietly, discreetly, privately. As well as their own private ways of supporting the fire survivors, many Canberra knitters are knitting squares.

Through the wonders of Ravelry, Canberra knitters are getting together, literally and virtually, by fetching and delivering yarn donated by the good people of Canberra, and by knitting and seaming squares to make 'blankets of friendship'. Interested? Go here.

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Hashi said...

wonderful. wonderful.