Sunday, 18 January 2009

SEEK - new skills

My one little word for 2009 is SEEK. A new skill is a good thing to seek, in my view. So a-spinning I did go.

The lovely, informative and very patient Leigh, with help and loads of encouragement from Susan, from Canberra Spinners and Weavers spent, all up, about 12 hours teaching Bells, Carrie and me to spin over the past week. We not only learnt to spin, but to ply as well! Two new skills, to be precise. (Go check out their blogs for other great pics and stories of the day and evening and afternoon we spent together spinning and swearing and laughing and having fun.)

So, from this,
Using this,
I was able to make this,
Clever, huh?
Oh, and I also made some of this.

But pretty obviously, to a spinner's eye, this comes from a different fleece. I'm a spinner, now, you see. I know these things.


Janet McKinney said...

Well done -I learned to use my spinning wheel this weekend also - not as much done as you did though because I got distracted

Bells said...

oh you wound yours into cakes. Nice. I must do that too.

Great fun! Let's spin together some time!

Hashi said...


Rhonda said...

I'm impressed!