Thursday, 1 January 2009

One little word

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I've been thinking all afternoon, as I drove to the coast, lazed with friends, and drove back again, about one little word for 2009. My sister told me about it this morning. It's not so much a new year's resolution, but more a focus for the year.

My word is SEEK.

seek v.t. & i. go in search of, look for; make search; try to obtain or bring about, try to do, ask for, request.

I want to seek new experiences.

I will seek new skills.

I will seek beauty in people, in places, in art, in music, in words.

I want to seek my future - maybe I'll need to plan for my future.

I want to seek knowledge.

What about you? What's your one little word?

1 comment:

Hashi said...

I love it. Funny how both our words are one syllable with EE in the middle. :-)