Sunday, 21 December 2008

Festive sewing

Some festive bibs for a little girl for xmas day (yes, she'll need more than one - I've seen her try to feed herself!).

And some festive aprons for some big girls. For years, I used to make my girls xmas skirts. Even as grownups, travelling Europe, they wanted xmas skirts for their northern hemisphere xmas. But I sort of thought they had outgrown that wish for their mama to make them xmas skirts. And I have been away from the sewing machine for quite a few years now. So when Daughter1 asked if they were getting xmas skirts this year, I poohooed the idea. But...I came up with a better one.

So, these aprons are for Australia's two most beautiful women, and me, to add a touch of fun to our xmas morning.

Yes, I know there's an overdose of cherries this year, but I couldn't go past the lovely Vintage Cherries from the Farmers Market range by Sandi Henderson.


Hashi said...


Sister Four said...

I bags the cherry one!

Michelle said...

I think the aprons are a perfect idea! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Nettie.