Sunday, 19 October 2008

On planning

Certain people in my family are great forward-thinkers. Mum would always have her xmas shopping done by now, and my favourite sister spends all year making lovely hand-made gifts for us all - and in time to send to us from across the Ocean. Me, I usually wait till it gets really hot, and it's only then that I think it's time to start xmas shopping. Well, maybe this year it will be different. It has in fact been warm and sunny this weekend, and I have convinced myself to not wait until December to start planning for xmas gifts.

Now, I love giving. I love the thrill of finding something just right. And this year I have decided to try to do it all hand-made. Not by me, mind you. There is such a wealth of talent around, that I am confident that I can buy all hand-made and as local as possible. I've been having a bit of a browse on etsy and finding some wonderful local talent. Today I went to the Bus Depot Markets to see what else I could find. I met the gorgeous Amy from Moyou and we had a quick chat about the delights of hand-made items. I might have bought one or two items from her. I might have to go back and buy one or two more.

Now, because it's xmas shopping, and because certain people read this blog, I can only give a little peak at some of the goodies I bought from a few local craftspeople who trade at the markets.
I'm having fun already. Anyone like to share their favourite source of lovely hand-made gifts?


Bells said...

The Bus Depot markets are a great place to get those sorts of gifts. Christmas for me is much helped by that place.

I wait til the weather warms up to think about it too, not because I plan it that but because it's just the way my brain works! Heat = christmas. But I have started knitting and so it's all good.

Hashi said...

mmm, how intriguing!